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You invest your hard-earned money to build passive income and have financial freedom. There is a lot at stake and a lot of unknown moving parts. That’s why choosing the right company with the expertise and experience to deliver the results you deserve is crucially important.

Coast 2 Coast Turnkey is that company.

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Why Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh is located in southwestern Pennsylvania at the confluence of three rivers, it actually surpasses Venice with the number of bridges. It has a large economic hub to including companies like apple, uber, amazon, PNC, and many more. Pittsburgh is consistently recognized with accolades from major travel and financial organizations as one of the most livable cities with one of the most viable economies. Pittsburgh has become a world-class city with home prices that are still lower than the US national average, which makes it very attractive and affordable for investors. Pittsburgh’s livability and strong job market draws many to live in the city and nearby suburbs. This means more potential long-term tenants. Although the overall population has declined since 2010, the number of millennials living in the city has grown significantly. Data and analytics indicate that the rental demand in the Pittsburgh real estate market is strong and is likely to rise in the coming years.  The combination of lower than the national average property prices and high rental demand makes for a positive cash flow and a strong chance for equity growth over the long-term. 

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