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Who We Are

Coast 2 Coast Turnkey was created as a premier real estate investment company geared to helping investors build their rental portfolios and grow their passive income. With over 20 years of experience in the real estate investing business, we have purchased, rehabbed, and sold hundreds of properties, while supporting our clients through their journey to success. Our extensive knowledge and unique personal approach sets us apart from the rest and draws investors from all over the globe to work with us. 

What We Do

Whether as a representatives, strategic partners, or providers, we work with our investor to help them decide the best approach to buy properties and create portfolios that make the most return on their investment. We directly work with sellers as well as with different brokerages in the area, to bring turnkey properties to the table. Next, we match our investors criteria to the inventory. We help guide our buyers every step of the way. From submitting offers to funding, closing, and finding management companies

our Team

Brooke Jenkins-Lewis

Partner, CFO

Brooke has been investing in real estate since her college days. She has completed hundreds of wholesale, rehab and rental deals. In addition, she is a CPA and on the board of multiple large companies. Brooke oversees all financial transactions and coordinates financing for our clients.

Ami Pishoto

Partner, Acquisition, Broker of Record 

An expert in the real estate investing industry, Ami brings more than 20 years of experience and broad knowledge to Coast 2 Coast Turnkey. As a seasoned investor and a broker with hundreds of properties under his sleeve, Ami presides over the entire operation. From negotiating with sellers and brokers to coordinating all matters of transactions, advises his clients, and helps them navigate through the entire process.

Brian Fine

Partner, Marketing, Investor Relations

Brian started investing in real estate with his wife, Laura, in 2012. In just a few years they had fixed and flipped over 100 retail homes. Then in 2019, they partnered with three other genius investors to build a massive portfolio of cash flowing rentals. Today, he owns and manages well over 500 rental units & helps other investors to build their own passive wealth portfolios through turnkey services. 

Brian has also been coaching real estate, creating curriculums and providing adult education services for real estate and martial arts more more than a decade. He provides education and consultation services to our clients and countless others.

Andrea Lane

Partner, Marketing, Investor Relations

Andrea Lane is CEO and founder of Coast 2 Coast Networking and co-founder of the Coast 2 Coast Turnkey company.  She has been investing in real estate for more than 40 years.  Andrea has rehabbed dozens of houses, owned rentals, and lent money to investors for many years.  

The Coast 2 Coast Turnkey company went from 0 to a $10M portfolio in eighteen months.  This was built with the help of the Network Andrea built.  The company continues to grow, and Andrea gets to do what she loves best; be out in the community growing the Coast 2 Coast Community contacts and sharing the knowledge of real estate, wealth building, and networking. 

Andrea speaks at various events, attends conferences nationally, continues to learn and share her knowledge, and hosts a weekly Zoom Network meeting. 

Will Villa

Partner, Project Management Coordinator

Will has worked for a large facility management company, prior to starting Coast 2 Coast as project management coordinator. Will has a degree in finance and accounting from Saint Joseph University

Merav Pishoto

Partner, Acquisition, Underwriter

With years of experience in the Pittsburgh real estate market, Merav generates leads, underwrites them and works closely with the acquisition team. In addition to her experience, Merav holds a bachelor’s degree in psychology and a master’s in industrial and organizational psychology and studied digital marketing. She lives in Pittsburgh with Ami and their three kids.  

Danielle Jenkins-Lewis

Partner, Process Manager

Thomas Robinson


Sarah Jewel


Jennifer Lentz


Katie Saul


our values

Our core values reflect who we are and how we operate. We are dedicated to serving our clients with integrity, ethics, transparency, and outstanding communication. We believe in teaching, guiding, and helping our clients at every step toward achieving their goals to build a rental portfolio that produces passive income.

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